Style and Marketing come together with Capturing Couture

Posted by on Oct 15, 2013 in Equipo, Experiencias, Inspiración, Review

What a presentation! This is what I get when opening a Capturing Couture package with new straps for my camera. Is it not a different taste for sure just as a first impression? Compare it with a more industrial taste that we have when opening other gear for photography.

Why I was so interested in getting my NAVAJO STRAPs?

Have you ever been in line shooting in a photo call or event together with hundreds of photographers there! In those case

s most of the times I do believe that we photographers are the PHOTO, we are so funny and great at the same time. Photographers flashing, gathering and fighting for a square meter to get that smile or a moment. Some times even much less than a square meter; ask any paparazzi/reporter in a Royal Wedding or a red carpet.

Not sure why we all have the same dress code in the industry and for me as a professional photographer I don’t want to participate in that.  We here in Europe we are so desperate about fashion photography and fashion in every aspect of our life, why wouldn’t be the same in our style as photographers.

It is not only I like the colors and design of my Navajo Straps it is I believe inspire something different. In a professional event, your colors will stand out among your fellow photographers. That will imprint character in your marketing as a photographer. In a happy mood of a wedding you will match perfectly.

Be happy, dress colors and shoot with a nice mood! 


Wedding Maria y Mario 5th, Oct 13