Food Photography. Natural Light

It looks like many of you are creating a home studio or you are discovering the wonders of food photography, so listening your emails here you have one of my latest works that you could enjoy in the coffee shop La Italiana.

I will teach you how to get a professional result with just the material you could find in any kitchen. The light was coming through a huge window but too hard due to the orientation and the day of the time so I use a diffuser, you can use for that transparent paper that we have for the oven and for reflector silver paper well known for all.

Use dummy food meantime you test the lighting, camera and so on instead using the real one. Fruits for example loose all the freshness they have when they are recent cut. Work together with a food stylist they now all the secrets to manipulate food through hours of shooting. Remember, real food will the last thing you put on the plate once everything is ready for the real shoot.

Natural light diffused, light reflected and you can see the results!