The City as a Challenge

Posted by on May 12, 2013 in Experiencias, Street Photography

NYC what a place! For those who love street photography there could not be a better challenge to photograph NY in a different way. I guess almost everyone loves this city, we have it everywhere; movies, tv, fashion, tendencies, economy we are overwhelmed for the presence of this gorgeous place.

No matter how you like this city, figures talk by themselves. 20 million people visit New York every year! Do you know anyone that travels without a compact digital camera? We can do some easy math.

20 million visitor taking 100 photos each, figures blow out the charts. No matter how you manage statics about NYC pictures surfing the net. It is massive I do believe one of the biggest challenge is to photograph this place with a new perspective.

In my days living in Queens, I forgot about competing with other photographers’ work, I focus myself in capturing moments of my daily life. Is not that photography sharing moments and experiences? I was happy to be able to present this work as part of my final project in the Street Photography class, Cooper Union School of Arts in 2010.