My photographic coaching is based in walking next to you, providing the right knowledge and personalized advice until you will be able to accomplish your needs in the field of photography. Technique and discipline will be a must but never forgetting to have fun along the way.

Highly structured methodology:

1- Starting point analysis. What is your target?, where do you want to get? 2- Education process and practical learning adapted to your needs, previously set up. 3- Comparison of the real results with the expected ones

After this photographic coaching you could check the differences between your previous state and the gained knowledge and skills getting the best of yourself in every step of the process.

We will facilitate the transformation until you manage the necessary skills to maximize your photography technique.

Are you ready to accomplish your expectations and wishes?

Come on, let’s do it!

All the elements; camera, light, different backgrounds will be programmed exclusively to match your needs. No matter where you are, it is only matter in what are you focus in that moment. Watch things in a different way, learn to see what others do not, perhaps what no one saw before.

Shall we start?