¿What camera should I buy?

Posted by on Sep 12, 2013 in Tips of Photography, Equipo

Felipe, I love Photography. What camera should I buy? This most common question I get through. I guess almost every single student hesitate about this question sooner or later. I do have different answers, it depends of level of commitment or passion the student has with the world of photography and the answer always change with the time. You should be more interested about what lenses you should buy but again this is part of the long answer.

 To give and strong and straight answer to anyone starting to get interested into photography will be:

 1.- Forget about expensive cameras!

Learn composition. Invest in Education. Buy a cheap one, save money and invest it in getting out there and practice, shoot and have fun!

 2.- Photography is light, the light is everything! Learn how to use it!

 Cheapest light out there is the natural one!