A gaijin facing Japan

It was in 2003 the first time I landed in Osaka. After years reading and studying about the Japanese culture and proud of the very few kanjis I was able to handle. I knew for sure that everything would be exiting but never a lifetime changer.

My eyes those days were not the eyes of a photographer but they got the curiosity and they were hungry enough to do not getting a rest walking around the streets, not only the streets of Osaka but also the rest of the country. As a westerner in Japan every details it was an experience, for both reasons. On the one hand because everything it will be totally new for me and on the other hand because Japan is the empire of the senses. The most valuable lesson I took from Japan was the learning about the understanding of the beauty in the details.

Japanese people they are not good at something just because they are skilled and that’s all, it is because when they devote themselves to a single task they devote its entire life to accomplish the perfection. The meaning of respect for a lifetime passion about anything it was another valuable lesson for me.

When you live six month in Japan you learn a lot and you believe you know everything about the country, then you live a year and you understand you know nothing but that is the real beauty of Japan, that one building it is built with tradition but with the most modern pieces of technology, that the human heritage they have it is alive in every teenager. You will not find a country that will take you more out of your culture and making you understand that human’s beings are brother around the globe but the way we prove it could be an amazing journey to discover. Welcome to Japan.    Photos Osaka, Tokyo 2006.