Postproduction and customer relationship management for photographers

Many times my students or photographers jumping to the professional world of photography complain to me about how much time they invest taking care of clients and explaining the work we do instead of being shooting. That is right, a huge part of your work is dealing with clients and once you have done that it is only then when you can start shooting.

Photography for customers is easy, they like it or not! The majority of them they don’t have knowledge about the industry so you do not expect your client to know the details and options they have in terms of postproduction or problems that could come up in a shooting. It is your job to make this path easier for all.

The workflow is a term we tend to use in photography about how we do our editions when we sit down in front of the screen, but is a term we can use in many aspects. We could say as photographer we do have many different workflows depending what part of the job are we doing, customer relationship management should be an important part of your overall workflow and at the same time it has its own steeps.

“Many times less is more”

I had always find difficulties obstacles presenting budgets, one is to explain to my clients the hours of postproduction we need to work in relation the kind of results we want to achieve and make them to understand why the budget includes that amount of hours.  The other one is to get the right direction of the edition in relation with the destiny of the photo. Is that a commercial edition?, A fashion tendency?, Personal, a weeding or a PhD presentation?



So, for making a better understanding depending the case, I do create pdfs with samples, the classic before and after to get a visual impact that makes easier my job. I prepare different examples trying to match the sector of the client I am presenting the work, often they feel more comfortable if you approach the project already with photos which are familiar to them. It takes more time but who says that the business of photography is only taking photos.

I hope those tips are useful for you and you can reduce your time in customer relationship management and being more productive.