Digital Post Production

Posted by on Apr 13, 2013 in Alumnos, Tips of Photography, Producción

A few weeks ago we had a fun a complete photo shoot, Miguel F. one of my student quite interesting in post production send us some photos showing the results of the edition.

I do take advantage of that to give you some tips about how you could improve your work flow in this matter.

a)      Get to know the software tools you are going to use: there are many different ways to get the same results in edition programs. Personally I do work my images with   LightRoom to get the general mood of the photo and PhotoShop to work the details.

There are digital drawing tablets in the market around 60 Eur. (aprox. 75 USD) which give us more precision than mouses and we speep up a lot.

b)      Plan ahead: all the time you invest in the actual production of yout photography it will be time that you safe in the edition. The best the photo go out of the camera the best result you will get with the softwares.

Remember a good photo could become a great photo after production but a bad photo will be difficult to save.


c)       Organize yourself: be systematic when you work, set up a routine for your processes that will save you time during the postproduction. From downloading your photos from the camera, steeps from different types of software to the management of your archive and files. Again you will save time with that.

Photographers we do invest a lot of time in front of the computer and we need to learn how to increase our productivity of those so tiring hours for our eyes and back.

Thanks to: Sandra G., Miguel F. and Nacho C.