Do you clean your lens cap?

Posted by on Aug 5, 2013 in Tips of Photography, Tips, Trucos, Tutoriales

It is wedding season here in Spain so I decided to go for a ride to look for locations to shoot, pre weddings, etc. The night before I was doing some editing and I was aware about how much dust I had in my lens. My lenses were clean and my filters too. When walking from one spot to another for security reasons I use to put on the cap of my lens.

We all clean a lot our lenses but it seams we forget to clear our caps. I use to travel light in my journeys and with only a couple of trousers those get dirty pretty soon, normally my pockets are the best place where my caps get dirty. It does not make much sense to clean the lens to put dust on it, right way.

When I put the cap into my pocket first of all I use a little envelope to put it in, white to be aware of the dust along the days. As much contrast you get from the container and the continent much easier will be to identify the dust. That is why many photo bags have a yellow bright color inside.

In photography each details counts…