Exposure 5. Alien Skin Software

Posted by on Sep 12, 2013 in Review, Software

Exposure 5. Alien Skin Software

This is a new plugin from Alien Skin Software guys; this is a company with a bunch of interesting products worthy to have a look. Before having this plugin I checked out different reviews in advance and I am do agree with the advantages of many of the technical specifications I found but outstanding from many of them I would like to emphasize the two reason why I like Exposure 5 so much.

 Save me time on my workflow and it gives me nice ideas and options about how to do my edition.

 We all know how many hours photographer we do spend in front of the pc, so anything that saves time is more than welcome.  I love Lightroom, I do develop my raw files as much as I can on Lightroom and if I do not need to go through tinny details or working on specific areas I am happy with the job Lightroom does.

Why does it save me time? It has a useful option of BORDER & TEXTURES which I use a lot putting different flairs and light in my photos, mostly when I do photos like this at night (this was a night event with crazy set of lights, not really pleasant for photographers) and in candid portraits. Normally I use to this kind of effects on Photoshop and start trying ideas with my presets but with Exposure 5 you can do that on Lr not jumping to Photoshop if you don’t want.

Fast, Fast, Fast. I like to be able to resize the thumbnails of the presets it hast so having ideas at a glance and being able to do it fast is the other reason, I do not have to mess around trying one thing or another, I got the results in advance before saving the photo.

With this plugin just take it easy because I went only through the couple of thing I like most but we have options to be precise with the changes you do so I do recommend you to go step by step and invest some time it will be worthy for your workflow.

Photos: Maria O´hara