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It is now a couple of year if no more that I have been traveling with BlackRapid straps and more recently in May 2014 I covered the Ukrainian conflict and the humanitarian crisis in Kobane (Turkish-Syrian border) a few weeks ago. Many of you ask me about not only how is my job in the […]

Kobanê | Official Trailer [HD] | Adventure Image

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In the era of worldwide communications, we should never look aside when facing humanitarian crisis. Today there are more than 3 million Syrian refugees.   


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No matter what, in 2015 WE DO EXPLORE!

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  Jungles, deserts, storming or snowing in 2015 we are going to continue being driven by our passions: traveling, photography, nature and the human being. If you want to discover what is coming up, follow us and join the crew!

Sri Lanka’s elephants. Photo Travel

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I have been passionate about animals all my life and thanks to the meteorologist Michael Garstang that develops his work with experimental biology I learnt that elephants increase their communications with other individuals or herds with the right climatology. When the sun sets and the floor cools down the sound is able to travel three […]