LumiQuest + Flash Compensation

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Here you have a few tips about how to take better pictures with your built in flash and flash compensation. I hope you like it!

Portable battery fotoquantum

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Coming soon subtitles in English!  

Product Photography

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Coming soon subtitles and more videos in English!  

Food Photography. Natural Light

It looks like many of you are creating a home studio or you are discovering the wonders of food photography, so listening your emails here you have one of my latest works that you could enjoy in the coffee shop La Italiana. I will teach you how to get a professional result with just the […]

Do you clean your lens cap?

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It is wedding season here in Spain so I decided to go for a ride to look for locations to shoot, pre weddings, etc. The night before I was doing some editing and I was aware about how much dust I had in my lens. My lenses were clean and my filters too. When walking […]

Easy low cost reflector

Working with light is everything in photography; I attach you below a diagram to make a reflector. Avoid direct flash as much as you can. With white and black paper, some glue and scissors you will get a nice result.

Video Tutorial: Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry, es más que un conocido y prestigioso fotógrafo, uno de esos de los que todos hemos visto imágenes pero que no sabemos ponerles nombre. Bueno este tipo es tan conocido por su trabajo que hasta puede que incluso si no sabemos nada de fotografía algo nos suene.   Steve McCurry: A Retrospective from […]