Riesgos de la Fotografía de Viajes | Destino Sifakka

Interesante charla con Sandra Vallaure como invitado en su programa Destino Sifakka, hablamos sobre la fotografía de viajes, zonas extremas sus riesgos y como gestionarlos. Podéis escuchar los últimos capítulos en https://www.ivoox.com/podcast-destino-sifakka-podcast-fotografia-viajes_sq_f1257384_1.html Podéis localizar a Sandra en sus distintas redes sociales http://www.sifakka.com/blog/ https://twitter.com/vallausa https://www.facebook.com/sifakkablog

Travel discrete and secure with you camera

It is now a couple of year if no more that I have been traveling with BlackRapid straps and more recently in May 2014 I covered the Ukrainian conflict and the humanitarian crisis in Kobane (Turkish-Syrian border) a few weeks ago. Many of you ask me about not only how is my job in the […]

Smartphone photography

Why do I recommend taking photos with your cell phone or Smartphone? For different reasons; We always have them in our hands basically we spent all day long together with them. A few years ago almost no one used to take photos of their cups of coffee or food with digital cameras, but now is […]

Style and Marketing come together with Capturing Couture

Posted by on Oct 15, 2013 in Equipo, Experiencias, Inspiración, Review

What a presentation! This is what I get when opening a Capturing Couture package with new straps for my camera. Is it not a different taste for sure just as a first impression? Compare it with a more industrial taste that we have when opening other gear for photography. Why I was so interested in […]

Traveling, Social Media Photography and Making a Living of That

I do always explain my students and share with other fellow photographers that there are two things are not taught in a photography academies or school of arts. “How to set up a business and how to sale your work” One of my mates point me to this video and photography project what I find […]

Sport and Photography

Posted by on Apr 11, 2013 in Experiencias, Fotografía, Inspiración

Lately I have gone through different articles about tips to find the photographer’s inspiration and how to motivate yourself to get better images, they are interesting articles but I did not read one jet that mention physical exercise. In my opinion sport is not only a fount of inspiration but must be included in the […]

Where the Hell is Matt!!

Posted by on Feb 11, 2013 in Coaching, Experiencias, Inspiración, Video

This video has nothing to do with photography but at the same time means a world of photography to me. I always photographed the places I have visited and that same photography took me to keep traveling. If something outline a smile in my face and motivate me to take my back pack and go […]