Aprende a leer tu histograma

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Postproduction and customer relationship management for photographers

Many times my students or photographers jumping to the professional world of photography complain to me about how much time they invest taking care of clients and explaining the work we do instead of being shooting. That is right, a huge part of your work is dealing with clients and once you have done that […]

Photofestival 2013

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The Photofestival in Mijas, Málaga was born two years ago as a reference of the photography in the south of Spain, giving the opportunity to professionals and amateurs the chance of sharing the amazing adventure what is photography.  I got an incredible experience in the festival. I my work I do mix a lot professional […]

TIME: Through the Eyes of a Travel Photographer

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Hello fellows, I am please of introducing  Travelati, Magazine, the first crowd-sourced magazine that brings together content from hundreds of travelers.  Launched June 1st  you can enjoy my article about travel photography. 

Traveling, Social Media Photography and Making a Living of That

I do always explain my students and share with other fellow photographers that there are two things are not taught in a photography academies or school of arts. “How to set up a business and how to sale your work” One of my mates point me to this video and photography project what I find […]