Smartphone photography

Why do I recommend taking photos with your cell phone or Smartphone? For different reasons; We always have them in our hands basically we spent all day long together with them. A few years ago almost no one used to take photos of their cups of coffee or food with digital cameras, but now is […]

Style and Marketing come together with Capturing Couture

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What a presentation! This is what I get when opening a Capturing Couture package with new straps for my camera. Is it not a different taste for sure just as a first impression? Compare it with a more industrial taste that we have when opening other gear for photography. Why I was so interested in […]

Food Photography. Natural Light

It looks like many of you are creating a home studio or you are discovering the wonders of food photography, so listening your emails here you have one of my latest works that you could enjoy in the coffee shop La Italiana. I will teach you how to get a professional result with just the […]

¿What camera should I buy?

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Felipe, I love Photography. What camera should I buy? This most common question I get through. I guess almost every single student hesitate about this question sooner or later. I do have different answers, it depends of level of commitment or passion the student has with the world of photography and the answer always change […]

Easy low cost reflector

Working with light is everything in photography; I attach you below a diagram to make a reflector. Avoid direct flash as much as you can. With white and black paper, some glue and scissors you will get a nice result.

Adorama Shop

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