Smartphone photography

Why do I recommend taking photos with your cell phone or Smartphone? For different reasons; We always have them in our hands basically we spent all day long together with them. A few years ago almost no one used to take photos of their cups of coffee or food with digital cameras, but now is […]

Postproduction and customer relationship management for photographers

Many times my students or photographers jumping to the professional world of photography complain to me about how much time they invest taking care of clients and explaining the work we do instead of being shooting. That is right, a huge part of your work is dealing with clients and once you have done that […]

Where the Hell is Matt!!

Posted by on Feb 11, 2013 in Coaching, Experiencias, Inspiración, Video

This video has nothing to do with photography but at the same time means a world of photography to me. I always photographed the places I have visited and that same photography took me to keep traveling. If something outline a smile in my face and motivate me to take my back pack and go […]

Homemade photo studio

Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Alumnos, Coaching, Workshops

Hace unos días, Jaime O. seguidor del blog y alumno de nuestros talleres (con el que realizo un programa de coaching fotográfico) me pregunto cómo mejorar sus fotografías de producto. Necesitaba entregar una propuesta comercial mostrando buenas imágenes. Sin incurrir en grandes costes y con un poco de maña, a los pocos días me envió […]